Thursday, December 30, 2010

11 P.M. Council Meeting: A Fittingly Frantic, Absurd Way For InsolvenCity To Spend 2010's Final Hour

It is as fitting as it is absurd that elected officials would attempt to rescue InsolvenCity by solving in 60 frenzied minutes (the final hour of the year) a billion-dollar problem that took decades to create and will require decades to unwind.

Especially because nothing could be "solved" by half-baked compliance with an illusory deadline for a synthetic resolution.

From the Post-Gazette editorializers' pointless palpitations-turned-premature exclamation to the mayor's bewildered petulance, from the council majority's frantic skittering to the Keystone Cops mathematicizing, InsolvenCity's leading voices have produced a deafening chorus of dysfunction throughout the holiday season.

The sky above InsolvenCity will occupy its traditional position, as will the city's pension problem, when the first workweek of the new year begins. Those who wish the City well should hope that everyone charts a better -- more collaborative, more informed, more sensible, more effective -- course for 2011 than that which was followed in 2010.

Infinonytune: Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw, Jimmy Buffett

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! Last second bill without any public scrutiny or comment is just what I wanted from council in e new year! What saviors of humanity they are.....