Thursday, December 30, 2010

Revisiting Some Of InsolvenCity's 2010 Chapters

As 2010 concludes, it seems appropriate to recall some of the important chapters that shaped the Pittsburgh region during the year:

In March, InsolvenCity's List-Makers and other insiders congregated atop Mt. Washington to express support for the region's political future (and, perhaps, arrange some brotherly sisterly love).

During April, the Listed assembled beneath an underpass to . . . well, they weren't quite sure why they were assembled, until a couple of Pats figured it out.

(April also featured introduction of the instant preplay, which turned out to be a generally reliable device.)

In May, the List-Makers gathered at the district attorney's offices to discuss InsolvenCity's business climate.

Infinonytune: Havin' A Party, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes (with special guests at Cleveland's Agora, 1978)

UPDATE: Rumors indicate the List-Makers have responded to recent pension-parking developments by inviting certain guests to a holiday get-together in an abandoned warehouse along the river the Strip District . . . we will attempt to provide Inficoverage.

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