Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Self-Described Party Of Freedom And Limited Government Displays Its True Colors

A coalition of bigots, mean-spirited religious kooks, hypocrites and closeted cowards -- known commonly as the Republican Party -- demonstrated today that it is willing to engage in filibuster (withholding military funding, if necessary) to maintain second-class citizenship for gays who wish to serve in the United States military.

How much longer will there be enough elderly, white, intensely superstitious male bigots to limit marriage, military service and first-class citizenship to heterosexuals?


PK said...

And meanwhile these graying Caucasian backwater rubes have Obama by the proverbial balls. By his own doing. It's like an S/M video...and a bad one at that.

Maybe we should have let the South secede.

Infinonymous said...

Every day of the Obama presidency is better than any feasible alternative. There are plenty of goobers in this country, meaning plenty of goobers in the legislature, making a smart, educated and reasonable president especially important.

Little of the most serious trouble afflicting the White House and the country currently is Obama's doing. He didn't attack the wrong country. He didn't let Afghanistan drift. He didn't introduce paralysis to the financial system. He didn't start wars on a credit card. He didn't wreck our international standing.

It's his job to solve those problems, however. He has erred on a number of important fronts, been disappointing on others. But he addressed health care after years of neglect and movement along an unsustainable trajectory. He has begun to mend our national character and prestige.

Scuttle the South? Not necessary. With a few wrinkles, the clear trajectory of the United States over more than two centuries is toward improvement. The yahoos can't overcome that. We're smarter, better educated, more productive, more attuned to the reality-based future.

Don't bet against the good guys.

Anonymous said...

Well put, Infinonymous!

Infinonymous said...

Thank you. These delusions of adequacy among Republicans and conservatives (and especially the bigots of several stripes) have become tiresome.