Sunday, December 5, 2010

Has Carson Street Reached 'Crisis' Stage Yet?

If Reggie was the straw that stirs the drink, might Travis be the straw whose drinking (and driving) breaks the South Side Intoxication District's back?

UPDATE: The childkiller reportedly compounded his culpability (and embodied the South Side's chronic and deadly accountability problems) by running from the scene while his victims -- seven-year- and eleven-month-old girls, and their mother -- bled and died on cold concrete. Our community is indebted to the security guard who followed the drunken driver, ensuring prompt apprehension.

UPPERDATE:The equivalent of eight bottles of beer, according to the Tribune-Review, then a speed exceeding 60 miles per hour on Carson Street, then a family shattered -- literally -- as a wife attempted to reach her husband to drive him home from work. Just another customer on just another night in the South Side Intoxication District.

Does Pennsylvania law include a criminal charge for selling a customer an eighth beer?


Vannevar said...

Tragic senseless death and injuries. Makes me wonder, would it have happened if Lukey the Boy Mayor hadn't withdrawn the SSID's police sweeps because his nose was out of joint?

Anonymous said...

kraus called this as i'm sure you know. wonder if he'll rub the salt in

n'at said...

Nice bookend to the West Carson fatalities. Along with the 18th street stabbing, they frame the problem area quite nicely. Though, I suppose we should wait for an incident on the Birmingham...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see Kraus at the Council table last week telling Mayor wonder that Carson Street has the most deadly weapons on a weekend night; drunk drivers.

Looks as if he was sadly correct.

I also read where the Queen Mouthpiece (Doven) claimed that he is using this death in a political manner. Is she on crack? How out of touch is this administration with the issues in the booze district?

Anonymous said...

Mustang, Hofbrauhaus, high school sports star--just another good ol' boy out havin' his fun.

I often drive that stretch with my sons, back and forth to my parents' house in Whitehall. Even in good conditions, the road construction makes it a difficult passage.

And truth be told, I used to drive it after frat parties in Oakland. So honestly, it's not just a South Side problem.