Friday, March 5, 2010

Adam Ravenstahl's Campaign A Family Affair, But Not Necessarily In The Way You Thought

Until now, Adam Ravenstahl's run for state representative rested solely on his status as the even-younger brother of Luke Ravenstahl.

A campaign mailer reproduced by the Post-Gazette mentions that the 25-year-old candidate's "family has a long history of public service," and identifies a three-legged platform of issues: jobs, health care and public safety.

Because part of the relevant legislative district is part of InsolvenCity, candidate Ravenstahl could have stuck with public safety, public safety and public safety.

Adam Ravenstahl also complains about politicians who put "self-interest ahead of the public interest."

Some might have been too quick to dismiss Adam Ravenstahl as just another unaccomplished, juvenile product of nepotism. His first piece of campaign literature indicates he will conduct a principled reform campaign committed to ridding local politics of the likes of Luke Ravenstahl.


Floyd the Barber said...

What is up with the Onorato 'do? Buzz cuts are not prerequisite for public office.

Anonymous said...

Adam Ravenstahl is an upstanding young man who will represent the 20th with dedication and honor. Adam is a good listener and stands for honesty in government. He will be excellent in this position.

Infinonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, Mrs. Ravenstahl.

Anonymous said...

Infinonymous, there are worse names you could call me.

Infinonymous said...

I assumed I was using your proper name, because this is a candidacy only a mother could love.