Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday School: When To Speak With The Police

This two-part lesson is apt even in a jurisdiction in which police officers act properly (and are held accountable for improper conduct):

Advanced study: The American Civil Liberties Union knows your rights.

Infytune: Someone To Talk To, The Police
Infytune: Cocaine Blues, Johhny Cash (live at Folsom Prison)


Anonymous said...

Seriously? The jockeying for Mayor, the Fitz Raja race, the parking/pension issues, all of it on the table and the U.S. presidential race and THIS is what you decide to write about?

Starting to seriously think maybe Luke put you on the payroll, trying to get him reelected would keep anyone busy

James said...

While the two videos are highly informative (I'd seen them before), there is so much going on just at the local level I have to agree with Anon 1:26.

Anonymous said...

Infy hasn't had a substantive post in two weeks, but that's alright. Honestly, the news has been relatively slow, and everybody needs a break now and then to recharge. It's not the end of the world ... at least as we know it. (Missing Infy much more than REM.)

MH said...

I tend to think "why are you covering XX" is the stupidest comment on the internet that doesn't involve various opinions toward Apple products.

JenEngland said...

I actually sent this to my kid, so I found it useful. But I would love to hear your take on any of the news/races happening currently. Come back Infy!