Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Raja Breakfast Special: Waffles And Whiskey

The first flare of desperation in the Allegheny County Executive contest is to be launched at 10 a.m. tomorrow. Republican Raja has consulted polling results and fundraising totals has, after an extended period of waffling, found religion on the drink tax . . . and a corresponding endorsement. Details at 10.

Can proposals to eliminate property taxes (without replacement revenue), sell all county parkland, and privatize or outsource the entirety of county government be far behind?

Infytune: Turn Your Love Around, George Benson


Conservative Mountaineer said...

I, for one, think that
(1) Property taxes should be eliminated and replaced by an increase in income taxes,
(2) Certain County Park operations should be privatized (e.g., the golf courses and wave pools), and,
(3) Certain governmental functions probably should be privatized. (Actually, certain County governmental functions should be eliminated. Do we *really* need a County Police?)

Infinonymous said...

Reduced reliance on property taxes seems a worthwhile goal, for several reasons. The original point (inartfully expressed) was intended to evoke mindless, pandering, desperate tax-slashing talk. A correction has been attempted.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

My interest in having property taxes replaced with income taxes?

Eliminate a tax based on a SUBJECTIVE measurement with an OBJECTIVE measurement. Property value is SUBJECTIVE; income is known and, therefore, OBJECTIVE.

Anonymous said...

What exactly if I may ask was the purpose of advance speculation about D. Raja's announcement? I believe it is very bad taste. Why not show some respect and let the candidate make the announcement. Then respond as you would like as a member of the press. I feel the press should report on news and not try to become the news. Is it because he is a conservative, I wonder would you treat Mr. Fitzgerald with such disrespect or this is saved for the Republican? I urge all voters to examine D. Raja's record and positions and bring a responsible person to county government.