Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bin Laden, Gadhafi, Iraq -- Three Ugly Chapters Closed During Fine Foreign Policy Year For America

The announcement that all nearly all American troops will leave Iraq by year-end (a couple of hundred soldiers are to remain posted to guard a billion dollar monument to U.S. stupidity) is welcome news.

A number of people -- most prominently, those whose pursuit of the Republican nomination for president appears to have impaired their memories of a longstanding commitment to withdraw by the end of this year -- are criticizing this decision, joining the column of embittered, discredited warmongers who contend the United States should still be bombarding Vietnam (and Laos, and Cambodia, and Thailand) and mutter that decent Americans should have 'Kent Stated' all of the anti-war freaks when they had the chance.

With the deaths of Osama bin Laden (who had inexplicably eluded America for nearly a decade) and Moammar Gadhafi (deposed at a cost to American taxpayers approximating the amount paid each day for pointless, fatal failure in Iraq), the departure from Iraq marks a fine year of foreign policy accomplishment for President Obama.

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