Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mylan Continues Response To Creative Resume Scandal Of Its Vice President COO Director Chief Executive Officer

Quit wasting money on tuition, future CEOs of America! Mylan Inc. (parent of Mylan Pharmaceuticals) today provides vivid proof one need not earn an MBA to reach the summit in corporate America. Being the child of a governor senator and riding that to a gig as loyal lieutenant to an asswipe obviously suffices.

(Any chance the Bresch controversy figured in the Southeastern Conference's apparent conclusion that West Virginia University's academic reputation falls short of the educational standard established by such luminaries of learning as the University of Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State University?)

Infytune: The Great Pretender, Freddie Mercury


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Maybe that crazy Preacher guy is right after all.. the World IS/HAS ended.. I'm agreeing with Infi.. AAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!! :)

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Oh, I am a WVU grad also..

Anonymous said...

Having worked in both government and the private sector.. the ultimate irony is that contrary to the public sector that usually has anti-nepotism rules (not counting the Pittsburgh Public Schools where plumb jobs for the ner'do-well relatives of school board members is the norm) the private sector is rife with patronage. There is zero accountability at most U.S. Corporations.

When you work for the government, you work in a fish bowl, everyone is watching you and can see if you aren't doing your job or if you take a misstep (whether they actually do anything about it is a different story).

Not counting the "Professional staff" in the current mayoral administration, people in government usually work harder and are better-educated that private sector employees. They are also usually hired on merit.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

@Anon.. Did you forget to take your meds yesterday or were you under the influence at 10:30 last night. If not, you are so very wrong about public-sector employees working harder and being more educated than private-sector employees. Had any recent interactions with PENNDOT? Port Authority? Any government office (welfare, social services, et al)?

Oh, the Heather Bresch matter has nothing to do with nepotism. She is not related to Mr. Coury nor was she related to Mr. Puskar (may he RIP). Sure, she has probably survived because she is the daughter of Senator Manchin. She would have been fired in most any other Company had that not been the case.

SteelCityMud said...

@ conservative

You seem to be confused about the definition of nepotism. I say that because this is a particularly clear case. It is clear from the coverage this matter has received that Bresch befitted from nepotism at both WVU and Mylan.

To commit an act of nepotism one need not be related to the person that patronage, advantage or benefit is being bestowed on. All that needs to occur for the case to be one of nepotism is that the advantage is conferred because of the person's family connections. As such, this has everything to do with nepotism and it would appear that Bresch has benefited from nepotism at every stage of her professional adult life.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

@SteelCityMud.. Fair enough.

I would argue there is more nepotism in government, however, especially in State and Local governments and related agencies.. see PENNDOT, PA Turnpike, City of Pittsburgh (everywhere, but especially Public Works; Parks), ALCOSAN, et al.

James said...

As this blog and Rich Lord's articles on "The Network" have shown, the line between public and private nepotism around here is almost nonexistent.