Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fitzgerald Shelves Taste For Drink Tax When His Top-Shelf Friends Are Doing The Imbibing

Rich Fitzgerald seems destined to succeed Dan Onorato as Allegheny County Executive -- in part because the Republican Party leaders who pushed Raja to run apparently forgot that although not all Republicans are racist, most racists are Republicans -- and also appears committed to continuing Onorato's immoral rope-a-dope on regressive (and unconstitutionally unfair) property tax assessments.

Republicans can console themselves, however, with the thought that mansion-dwellers are not the only privileged citizens pampered by Onorato-Fitzgerald policies.

When Fitzgerald was enjoying (right) the sumptuous dining-and-drinking offerings under the tent at the Riverlife Party On The Pier fundraiser on Friday evening, for example, did it trouble our executive-to-be that while his average constituent tosses a buck or two the county's way from a barstool -- thanks to the regressive drink tax Fitzgerald championed as county council president -- the
Seen-worthy patrons at the fancy catered events (left) he regularly attends drink tax-free? (The tax is owed; it just isn't paid by organizers or caterers of many political and charitable fundraising events, without a peep or disapproving glance from county officials.)

With Democrats like Dan Onorato and Rich Fitzgerald, who needs Republicans?

Infytune: V.S.O.P., Above The Law


Anonymous said...

Agree with most everything, except the notion that Fitzgerald, or most other pols, "enjoy" the fundraisers, regardless of how good the food and booze might be.

Anonymous said...

Good points, true, about the liquor but we're hoping for some meat and potatoes out here Infinonymous. There are bigger issues for you to tackle. Inspired choice of song, by the way.

Just wondering said...

You poo-poo Raja without much basis. Then call out Fitzgerald, asking readers to accept a lot of assumptions along the way. My question is, Is there a point to any of this?