Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pennsylvania's Prosecutorial Circus Never Disappoints If You're Looking For Clowns

Some uncommon insight is on display over at Rick's Place. The more one looks -- although sometimes it seems Signor Ferrari is the only one looking -- the more troubling Tom Corbett's performance as a prosecutor becomes.

Political ambition and prosecutorial power are an undesirable combination, whether in the hands of a Zappala or a Corbett.

The real clowns are costumed when the mixture includes a lack of experience -- as with Stephen A. Zappala Jr. (who became district attorney, despite a lack of qualifications, because Allegheny County's judges were willing to soil their robes by annointing a politically connected hack in 1997) or Washington County's Steven M. Toprani (who is talking about running for state attorney general at about the time he might be starting to have a chance at junior partner at a first-rate law firm -- if, that is, someone with Toprani's credentials could have gotten a job at a major law firm).

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If this means Infy is getting back to local politics, great news!!!