Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Continuing (And, Apparently, Predictably) Grandiose Misadventures Of Secretary Of Health Eli Avila

Our original observation concerning the haughty behavior of Dr. Eli N. Avila, the swashbuckling secretary of health appointed by Gov. Tom Corbett, generated a couple of curious comments and e-mails. The consistent theme: Dr. Avila is a strange man unsuited for public office.

Some correspondents claimed to be acquaintances from Long Island, or former classmates, or relatives from Puerto Rico. Some mentioned religious (Pentecostal) zealotry and political extremism. Others described unattractive or bizarre personal conduct. One 'guaranteed' that Dr. Avila would continue to generate headlines with grandiose behavior.

We did not consider the relevant contents of the Infin-box worth mentioning until we encountered a compilation of Dr. Avila's continuing misadventures -- which apparently have been, at least among some who claim to know him, as predictable as they are weird.

UPDATE: Whomever uses the Googlator to search for "Dr. Eli N. Avila" every morning from a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania computer is wasting taxpayer money and should ask himself a question: Wouldn't that money be better wasted on erection of a giant officious seal featuring Dr. Avila's face atop the Department of Health headquarters in Harrisburg?

Infytune: Crazy On You, Heart

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Dorotea said...

Is a strange man, is a religious extremist man and is a prepotent bizarre man with power, and this combination is very, very dangerous. Alert, Alert, Beware.