Friday, May 20, 2011

Dr. Avila Identifies Two Exceptions To Corbett Administration's Statewide Regulatory Holiday

Tom Corbett's administration is dedicated to avoiding regulation of business (especially the business of Marcellus Shalers), but the Commonwealth's secretary of health appears to be conducting an intensive regulatory crusade focused on . . . eggs.

First, Dr. Eli Avila (right) assured legislators he would personally visit every abortion clinic in Pennsylvania to monitor regulatory compliance.

More recently, and bizarrely, Dr. Avila has devoted remarkable personal attention to the fastidious regulatory oversight of egg-frying practices at a Harrisburg diner.

Lest fear of Dr. Avila's regulatory zeal unnerve the Chamber of Commerce, we note that Dr. Avila is not always so painstaking with respect to regulatory compliance.

UPDATE: OK, so maybe the Corbett administration has two exceptions to its disdain for regulatory scrutiny -- eggs and blogs. Infinonymous has welcomed visitors from at least five Commonwealth of Pennsylvania agencies (two of which we do not recognize; anyone know what "Commonwealth of Pa - Oa / Integrated Network" is?) during the three-hour period since this message was published. Rather than call the Infilawyer, we'll just save our own skin by ratting on someone else . . . Hey! State regulators!! We're not the droids you're looking for. Have you guys noticed what's going on over at Rick's place?

Infytune: Eggs And Sausage, Tom Waits


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