Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Election Day Flashcasting: District Attorneys Gone Wild In Allegheny And Washington Counties

A couple of flashes:

First, it appears Republicans (at least, some Republicans) have a candidate for Allegheny County District Attorney. This should be fascinating from at least two perspectives.

Second, Phil Melograne's current (today) campaign commercial establishes he is unfit for office. Which is not surprising, because Melograne was unfit when he received an oily appointment from Ed Rendell to become a judge of the Washington County Court of Common Pleas. And Steve Toprani, the not-ready-for-prime-time district attorney who stars in Melograne's commercial (as Melograne seeks election for a full term), has demonstrated that he is a poor choice for a prosecutor's position.

We intend to illuminate each of these points after Election Day subsides.

Infytune: What's Your Name?, Lynyrd Skynyrd


Anonymous said...

Not going to tell us who this supposed Republican candidate for D A is? Weak

Infinonymous said...

Just as physicists strive to avoid disturbing particles during the process of observation, we prefer to allow the name to emerge in the natural course.

On the other hand, the Washington County judicial race should be disturbed. Phil Melograne does not deserve a single vote.

Anonymous said...

as usual you're just makin stuff up

Anonymous said...

Making stuff up? The PG put up a story about write in campaign for Chuck McCullough for District Attorney at 2:30 - Infy had them beat by 4 hours. I bet the PG got the story here, it probably took them four hours to catch up and confirm the story they got from reading Infy.

JenEngland said...

Wait mccullough is running for da? D freakin A?????