Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Washington County Voters Follow Infindorsement, Bench Melograne -- Steve Toprani Should Be Next

Gary Gilman rode the Infindorsement (everyone not named Melograne had the Infindorsement) to a nomination for Common Pleas judge in Washington County yesterday, and is destined to ride a more specific Infindorsement to victory in the general election.

Gilman defeated Phil Melograne, who had joined the bench with a shady appointment by Ed Rendell and will depart the bench after broadcasting advertisements in which the district attorney, Steve Toprani, asked voters to vote for Melograne because Toprani -- a partisan prosecutor who describes himself as a "political animal" -- had tired of watching judges exercise independent judgment with respect to criminal charges filed by Toprani.

Neither Toprani nor Melograne evinces a proper understanding of the relationship of prosecutor to judge. Voters have demonstrated a sound understanding of the appropriate relationship of Phil Melograne to the Washington County bench, however, and should similarly remove Toprani from office at the next opportunity.

Infytune: Judge Not, Bob Marley


Little Prexy said...

What makes you think you know anything about Washington County? Stick to somethig you actually know something about or better yet just be quiet

Infinonymous said...

Anyone could acquire an adequate understanding of that race in 30 seconds . . . the duration of that campaign commercial.