Sunday, July 17, 2011

Justin Sane, Pat Thetic And Anti-Flag Join Warped Tour For Single Show (Pittsburgh)

Justin Sane (left), Pat Thetic (right), and Pittsburgh-based Anti-Flag (stars of the Pittsburgh G20 Soundtrack) will join this season's Warped Tour for one show -- at that shed at Star Lake, this Friday, July 22.

A ticket is 28 bucks. The associated fees are $16.50. This suggests Pitt has started a ticketing business.

Infytune: This Is The End, Anti-Flag


MH said...

Since you are being quiet and I don't know what Anti-Flag is, I'm going to abuse your hospitality to insult PA Senator Scarnati. If he keeps his worthless self between me and the ability to buy beer or wine in a grocery store at reasonable prices, he can stick the liquor control board up his ass along with whatever else he keeps there. I don't want the state stores more flexible so that the state can raise more money. I want cheaper wine and/or beer and/or liquor closer to where ever I happen to be at the moment.

Infinonymous said...

Sen. Scarnati apparently recognizes that Rep. Turzai's proposal is an inept swipe at a largely worthy goal.

MH said...

Then swipe back. Basically it looks like more delay.

MH said...

If that were the case, his counter attempt might be something besides forcing a delay with no other plan.