Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Casey Anthony Acquitted (Which Means Sentenced To Life Of Knowing She Is Too Despicable To Live)

The jury's verdict -- acquittal on murder charges after more than a month of trial in which Casey Anthony (right, mourning her daughter) was emphatically demonstrated to be a "lying, no-good slut" (those are her lawyer's words, by the way) who partied while concealing the grotesque circumstances of her daughter's death -- means one thing, for sure:

"Party at Casey's place!"

Infytune: Your Mama's On Crack Rock, The Dogs


Shawn Carter said...


I thought the tabloids were b.s.ing when they alluded to the prosecution pushing the envelope of evidence.

"Odor evidence?" Had that ever been used in a capital murder trial before?

I was hoping you were going to post on this one.

Anonymous said...

This means she free now to be your baysitter, party planner and like OJ, spend the rest of her days searching for the killer. OMG, where is the justice for that little baby when her own mother has forsaken her?