Friday, July 15, 2011

Ashley Harlan's Tastes Run From High End For Wedding Gowns To Low End For Grooms

The bride-to-be of Steelers quarterback (and never-once-charged-with-banging-an-underage-drunk-girl-atop-a-toilet-with-his-private-police-force-watching-the-door partier) Ben Roethlisberger -- a gentleman who insists on the best for 'all his bitches' (probably because he plays for sweet baby Jesus) -- has selected a Lhuillier wedding gown, an event dutifully noted by the local newsgatherers.

What many yinzers regard as a coup for the designer is instead a paltry endorsement, against the background of Ashley Harlan's taste in grooms (artist's depiction of wedding night, left).

Infytune: Smokin' In The Boys Room, Brownsville Station

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