Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Forecast: Partisan Puffery, Pointless Political Overreaching And Fierce Fiscal Reckoning

In Washington, a two-year gridlock seems inevitable. Regardless of whether voters share Tea Partiers' appetite for intense but inconsequential partisan puffery, Pres. Obama is strongly positioned to win another term.

In Harrisburg, Republicans will control the major levers of power, with one exception: The United States attorneys in Pennsylvania will be Democratic appointees, and, in the wake of Tom Corbett's record of vigorous but slanted prosecutions, those federal officials likely will have shorter fuses than are customary with respect to investigation and prosecution of state-level corruption.

In Allegheny County, Dan Onorato will sleep for a few days, then close a deal with a law firm, leaving county government to scramble to overcome the long-term consequences of short-sighted decisions.

In Pittsburgh, long-delayed days of reckoning seem nigh. The mayor's shortcomings at the helm are likely to fade in importance as it becomes clearer the city no longer controls its fate.


MH said...

In Pittsburgh, long-delayed days of reckoning seem nigh.

Kind of like those kids in The Last Days of Disco, except with less herpes (on a percentage basis) and no Kate Beckinsale.

James said...

Who is up for election next year?

Conservative Mountaineer said...

If I'm not mistaken.. the bulk will be School Boards. That should be, and *hopefully* will be, the next push by Conservatives/Tea Party-types. Eliminate the Union-supported/Teacher supported School Board members and bring sanity to outrageous Union contracts and insider deals.

Infinonymous said...

Given the choice between pushing school board members whot are fiscally conservative and school directors dedicated to advancing traditional values by teaching creationism, look for the Tea Partiers and conservatives to go with their Mission From God.

The bonus for reality-based America is that even if the right-wingers elect religious kooks, the federal courts will smack them down promptly.

James said...

Oh yes, heaven forbid we pay teachers a good wage. I'm sure we'll have people lining up around the block to teach in Manchester.

MH said...


The social conservatives in Pittsburgh (at least the white ones that might be interested in Tea Party stuff) are mostly Catholic and unconcerned about creationism.


Sure, but now I cannot help but wonder how badly their pension is funded and if they are hiding that from us.

James said...

MH- You are correct about Catholics unconcerned with creationism, they teach actual science in their science classes.

As for the teacher's pensions, I don't know about the suburbs, but the city teacher's pension is run by the state.