Monday, November 8, 2010

Defending United States (And Its Allies) Has Become Matter Of Luck -- Dumb Luck

An accidental glimpse into the performance of the modern American drug enforcement/national security apparatus generates questions:

(1) Does anyone continue to wonder why the United States government has been so insistent on expanded secrecy for the past decade?

(2) Should the Drug Enforcement Administration be dismantled tomorrow by 9 a.m. . . . or would that not be fast enough?

(3) Why does any court in the United States give the government the benefit of doubt, particularly when "national security" is used as a justification for exemption from standard procedures?

(4) After torturing shackled prisoners, holding innocents in secret prisons and killing uncounted civilians (as part of attacking the wrong country), why is the United States government protecting the genuine terrorist it freed, funded and enabled?

(5) What is the purpose of a million-name "terrorist watch list" that includes Mikey Hicks (age 8, right) but not a guy mentioned by name in at least a half-dozen documented warnings?

(6) Feeling safer?

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