Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Political Parables Of Dan And Luke, Pat And Luke . . . And, As Of Today, Darlene And Luke

As Dan Onorato and a bought-and-paid-for crowd at the IBEW Hall watched a political career capsize on Election Night 2010, former pal Luke Ravenstahl was sitting in a darkened room a dozen Carson Street blocks west, without a crowd.

What was InsolvenCity's mayor contemplating as he paid the Onorato drink tax at Jimmie D's, his location and isolation reflecting the circumstances that had merged and then distanced two local political careers, neither of which appears to be worth much on the current market?

This, apparently.

Any imbecile would have learned from the Pat Ford-begets-FBI interviews episode that politicians who live in indictable houses should not throw stones. Any imbecile . . . but not, apparently, an imbestahl.

The List-Makers, no doubt, already have dibs on the popcorn concession.


Thought I Knew said...

Used to think this was the work of Post Gazette malcontents, but not any more.

The writing's too good.

PG wouldn't print half this shit. Actually bet they don't know half this shit til they read it here.

And the clincher - no way anyone in the union would put out this much product in a day.

Thought I Knew said...

Gotta give McNulty major credits, he linked to this after the first comment was already there. Block and Shribman must be having a fit unless maybe they like that jab at the union.