Thursday, November 11, 2010

Corbett Campaign Introduces The New Boss

Tom Corbett not only labeled himself the reform candidate who would clean up Harrisburg but also (through his political mouthpiece prosecutorial spokesman) derided critics who 'only talk about reform' while Corbett ostensibly walked the walk.

Those critics had observed, aptly, that Mr. Corbett's record with respect to fighting public corruption was suspect not only with respect to results but also in the degree to which his prosecutorial judgments followed the trajectory of a gubernatorial campaign rather than any sense of justice.

Mr. Corbett's first substantial announcement as governor-elect -- identifying the leaders of his transition team -- vindicates the critics. Tom Corbett's idea of a clean-up crew: Tom 'Mr. Clean' Corbett also chose, as co-chair of his inaugural committee, a legendary Republican Party fundraiser (and convicted public corruption felon).

Legal counsel for the Corbett transition operation? A guy whose law firm describes him -- in the first paragraph -- as a "well-known political insider and Republican fundraiser for many years."

This is the "new tone", Tom? What's next? The Candy Man as your ethics counselor? Ms. Toretti as your advisor on PLCB issues (or perhaps as family values advisor)?

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