Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We Couldn't Have Said It Better As Well

Dennis Roddy explains everything.


The Bard of J-Town said...

Sorry, but this graph reflects Roddy's generally typical cynicism:

"They've had the vicarious thrill of voting for the winner, or the satisfying martyrdom of backing a loser, but have so compartmentalized politics from their life ambitions that, as meaningful decisions go, they could as meaningfully have entered the Irish Sweepstakes as a voting booth."

I backed the losers. I feel neither satisfied, nor like a martyr. I, and many of my peers, are deeply involved in politics, local and national, at a number of levels in our daily lives.

So to dismiss our votes as merely empty-headed, off-handed gestures may be, by Roddy's standards, glib and insightful, but in fact is thoughtless and insulting.

But it's only a blog, right Dennis?

MH said...

Be the change you want to see in the world. If you want the world to become overly earnest and whiney, then carry on.

Bard said...

Sorry to offend, MH. I thought this section was for comments.

BTW, that was me on the bike the other day. Next time, take out your earbuds and pay attention.

MH said...

Be as upset as you want to be. It's the internet. That's what it is for. And I never walk through Oakland, or any place that crowded, wearing earbuds.