Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Keith Rothfus: Strong. Conservative. Lies.

Keith Rothfus' faith-based walk with his Lord has strayed into the garden of false witness today: The Rothfus campaign reportedly is distributing literature indicating that the Post-Gazette and Tribune-Review have endorsed Mr. Rothfus, who is attempting to end Jason Altmire's term as Representative for Pennsylvania's 4th Congressional District.

The Post-Gazette, however, has unambiguously endorsed Rep. Altmire as the "better choice" than Mr. Rothfus.

The Rothfus campaign might attempt to defend this flyer by pointing to a six-month-old editorial in which the Post-Gazette endorsed Mr. Rothfus -- when he was challenging Mary Beth Buchanan for the Republican nomination. The endorsement claim therefore is not only stale, but obsolete.

Are any canon lawyers willing to opine concerning whether Jesus would approve the misleading of voters in this manner? Is there a little-known "Candidate On Mission From God" exception to the commandment?

UPDATE: A Democratic state representative, Bryan Barbin, blames a similarly misleading advertisement (for U.S. Rep. Mark Critz) on a "misprint," compounding dishonorable conduct with a lame excuse. Barbin boasts of being "active in his parish," so maybe there is a special exemption for the faithful with respect to Election Day lies.

UPPERDATE: It appears God prefers Jason Altmire to Keith Rothfus. This does not necessarily reflect upon Mr. Rothfus personally so much as it concerns his choice of playmates; God might abhor Pat Robertson and George W. Bush so much that some of the scorn rubbed off on Mr. Rothfus.

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MH said...

I just happened to see Critz's TV commercial last night. He made the same claim in it.