Saturday, November 20, 2010

OK, We Now Return To The Pictureshow As Our Weekend's Main Feature Continues . . .

The stirrin' about town commenced Friday, when number four -- until that moment knowed to be a loudly self-proclaimed upright citizen -- was a-seen in the company of them three outlaws whose incorrigibility had been assumed from day one.

The real street-clearin' started when word spread that a fifth gun might be ready to swing the balance of power. So far, though, after some nervous head checks and a few tense conversations, the count stands at four black hats, no more.

But that out-of-towner, visiting from the East -- with the fancy suits and pocketwatch, with his East Coast lawyers and sketchy landed interests, tryin' to angle how to fix his claim to a big local stake on legal papers down at the courthouse -- is makin' it known he's still recruiting. That fella's making his own moves now (done learned the hard way that the local muscle he hired wasn't up to the task at hand) . . . and he'll keep angling right up 'til the stagecoach takes him back East. Reckon that'll be sometime next week.

Dr. Dowd, of course, is number four. Always has been, for anyone attentive from the opening credits. Same with Mrs. Harris, five. So far, though, looks like Mrs. Harris still plans to walk the townfolk side of the street come Monday. But not, of course, before a few final turns of the tumbleweed.

How will the townsfolk finally count five at the showdown? Will Mrs. Harris still be wearing that star when it's guns, not words, what's being counted? Even after Mrs. Harris sets foot on the street, of course, we'll still wait to watch a couple of other characters leave the sheriff's door -- or not. Will there be a surprise defector walking instead through the hotel door, with the Easterner smiling through an upstairs window?

Probably not. Everyone knows Wyatt and Doc tend to be the ones standing after the smoke clears. But the suspense nonetheless makes it worth watching the story take us there, does it not?

By the by, for them's what's still a-puzzlin' over Camillus Fly and Claiborne and huckleberrys and whatnot, a codebook is here. OK?

Infinonytune: Time Warp, The Rocky Horror Picture Show


Anonymous said...

Dowd is not going to roll over Infin. He has been leading the charge against the Morganstahl lease scheme all along.

Infinonymous said...

So that explains why he has been shacked up with LAZ (and, interestingly, lying with the lamb) today . . . accepting LAZ's terms of surrender?

Anonymous said...

Im sure there is a way the lots could remain public with LAZ, in exchange for a significant upfront investment, managing them and taking a cut of future revenue.

Bram Reichbaum said...

In re the comments of Anon 4:11 - Dun dun DUNNNN!

Whatever you have to do to demonstrate that the lots would actually remain "public" throughout a lease, go right ahead. It's technically true, the assets were always to be run subject to an exhaustive lease agreement written by city landlords. I don't know about this "managing them" caveat though.

I think your #5 has one more trick up her sleeve before she'll consider abandoning the great boycott of empirical reason.

Infinonymous said...

It isn't so much that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan snooker people so frequently and thoroughly as much as it is the way the suckers eagerly await and swallow each new bait: "don't dwell on the past, we barely recall any bitter taste; this time it's going to be different, it's going to be delicious . . ."

The wide view from 40,000 feet aside, the principal issue on the ground is that time is nearly exhausted. The moneymen wasted too much time before they realized Luke and the other yokels didn't know what they was doing. There may not be enough time left to patch the zeppelin into airworthiness. (Lead can be difficult to work with under pressure, even for the masters.)

The "look at the label, not the machinery" pitch was tried just the other day, by the way. It didn't fly.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you have to do to demonstrate that the lots would actually remain "public" throughout a lease, go right ahead.

The lease that Ravenstahl, Burgess and other JP Morgan cheerleaders have supported from the start is dead Bram. It appears that your friends are making one last hail mary attempt to get a fraction of what they were originally seeking.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Original Lease = Dead
Council-Controller = Dead
Infusion of Value = Dead
Life Settlement Securities = Dead
A gentle, benevolent takeover = Dead

You're right, this is starting to look like a Western.

It appears that your friends are making one last hail mary attempt to get a fraction of what they were originally seeking.

I know, it's embarrassing. It feels bad to be wrong. We're lucky to have some on Council intent on initiating and making LAZ submit to a much better style of assets charter, over the fathead objections of Ravenstahl and Burgess. I'm clear on all this.

Anonymous said...

I know, it's embarrassing.

Not as embarassing as selling out.