Saturday, November 6, 2010

So That's What Jeff Koch Has Been Doing At The Public Works Department For Two-Plus Years?

InsolvenCity's tips for residents apprehensive about the confluence of (1) snow, (2) insolvency, and (3) the Ravenstahl administration: Put some jerky in a duffle bag and throw the duffle bag in your new Hummer.

The best part: Spending six figures on mailing these gems of wisdom to city residents.


MH said...

Regardless of how insolvent your municipal government, if traveling in a rural area in winter, it is good to have an emergency kit with some food, warm clothes, a candle, and a something to melt water in.

MH said...

Also, to the kids in Oakland: get some real shoes for the cold (and stay off my lawn).

Anonymous said...

Jeff Koch: what an idiot...what exactly has he done since he was kicked out of office?