Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ravenstahl On Jordan Miles: So Far, So Good

Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl deserves praise for his early handling of the Jordan Miles case. He ignored the police union's nonsensical opposition to removal of the relevant officers from contact-with-the-public duty. The mayor has expressed appropriate skepticism concerning the force used by three large officers with respect to the groundless arrest of an unarmed, teenaged, violin-playing honor student beaten to a pulp outside a friend's home.


Anonymous said...

Do you honestly think these officers go around beating people because of their dark skin?

Infinonymous said...

Hell, no.

After the G20 display in Oakland, it's clear some officers will beat just about anyone and everyone, particularly if improperly trained and supervised.

Then they'll mistreat prisoners, testify falsely in court and hide evidence.

The bad officers are a minority among many fine people -- Pittsburgh officers outside Oakland (and maybe Shadyside) conducted themselves with restraint and honor and professionalism during the G20 events, for example -- but they constitute a dangerous group.

And, for city taxpayers, an expensive bunch.

Do you really want to argue that the level of force visited upon Jordan Miles was not excessive, or that these officers did not pick the wrong teenager to beat the hell out of for little or no legitimate reason?

Anonymous said...

Actually, you have your facts wrong. For a week after the incident, Ravenstahl refused to discipline the officers other than to take them off their plain-clothes detail. They were still on active duty and still very much had access to the public. It was only after pressure from the public and city council that Ravenstahl took any kind of responsible action.

Infinonymous said...

Among the least attractive aspects of modern society is the emphasis on snap judgments and all-or-nothing positions. A period of consideration before action seems low on the list of things to fault a public official for.

Equallynonomous said...

Infinonymous patting Luke on the head?

Two possible explanations--a hacker, or, the End Of Days.