Thursday, March 25, 2010

As Michael Kenney And Associates Take On Water, Burgess And Dowd Reach For Lightsabers

Today's special meeting of Pittsburgh Council concerning the profitability of public-private incest the water authority's "special handling" of an opt-out waterline insurance plan for customers established several points:

First, anyone who believed Patrick Dowd had lost all contact with the Force and succumbed to the Dark Side was mistaken.

Second, anyone who believed Rev. Ricky Burgess' surprising transformation to Sith Lord was not yet complete was mistaken.

Third, the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority should enclose a small packet of Vaseline with each bill, at least until a United States Attorney is installed in this district.

Note to Darth Dan Deasy: Jeff Skilling was well-qualified, too. As were Bernard Madoff, Kenneth Lay and Richard Nixon.


Bram Reichbaum said...

If that's all the Rev is saying, he's not drawing blades. He's setting off a smoke bomb.

Release an RFP to solicit a new insurance deal as we begin tearing up this one.

Anonymous said...

Only two bids and the winning bid goes to Mr. Kennedy's business associates?

I can see why Mr. Dowd called for his resignation.

The whole thing reminds me of this.

Is this really how Pittsburgh does business?

Keep you eyes on the parties involved in the garage lease. Those who steadfastly refuse to consider a more logical solution are no doubt in bed with the local beneficiaries.

Don't Blame Me said...

Whats amazing is how they kept this quiet so long.

Plenty of people knew.

Bonus question: Who were the attorneys involved in this deal?

illyrias said...

Seems to me more like Dowd is back-pedaling out of this mess after he was quoted as saying of the water line security program:
"It's the best news of the day, of the year, perhaps of the decade,"

Now that there's some backlash, he needs to save himself. That's not the "force".

Infinonymous said...

When the fate of the Galaxy is at stake, Cara, any tremor in the Force can be important. Backpedaling sometimes means "headed in the right direction."

Bram Reichbaum said...

If you have to backpedal too often, eventually folks will start to wonder about your regular pedaling.