Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Curious Case Of Donkey Kicks Donkey

Another strange twist concerning petition challenges:

One of the registered Democrats named as filing the aborted challenge engineered by Democrat Dan Onorato's campaign against Democrat Joe Hoeffel is one Greg Malinak, reliably identified as this Greg Malinak, a member of the staff of Representative Jason Altmire, also (at least periodically) a Democrat.

Why would an Altmire staffer help one Democratic candidate file a lame challenge against another Democratic candidate's petitions? Someone should ask Jim Burn.

UPDATE: A source from Camp Altmire reports that Mr. Malinak left the position of outreach coordinator recently and is no longer associated with Rep. Altmire's congressional office or campaign.

UPPERDATE: Several sources from Camp Altmire emphasize that the Congressman had no role or preference with respect to Mr. Malinak's participation in the petition challenge for Onorato against Hoeffel. For those who understandably infer that a staffer's political conduct reflects a boss' preferences (or orders), several people familiar with the situation indicate that Rep. Altmire takes an unusual (some would say refreshing) "hands-off" approach to staffers' off-the-clock activities.


Anonymous said...

Since he doesn't work for Jason anymore why even print this?

Anonymous said...

Free country. If Altmire himself wants to challenge a petition, its allowed. So why make a big deal if one of a FORMER staff member does it?

Why don't you tell us who put you up to this?? Now THAT would be interesting??