Monday, June 8, 2009

Which Hat Looks Better On Luke Ravenstahl?

Today's report that Luke Ravenstahl will accept the Republican nomination for mayor of Pittsburgh complicates the issue of the mayor's party affiliation.

I assume he is registered as a Democrat. But his policy instincts (to the extent they exist or are known) are those of a Republican as much as those of a Democrat.

He has control of the Democratic City Committee but party loyalty appears to be a one-way street in that relationship.

He gets money from unions. He gets more money, however, from developers and big (and bigger) businesses.

Off duty? He loves golfing with bigwigs and appears to have the run of the place at Oakmont Country Club. There apparently is nothing he wouldn't do to get to a country music show.

On the November ballot, he has the endorsement of Republicans and Democrats.

Based on the available evidence, I call it a draw.

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