Saturday, June 20, 2009

George Specter Moves Up A Notch

For those who believe (understandlbly) that Pittsburgh's Office of the Solicitor has been undistinguished, we have incontrovertible evidence that it could be worse.

Meet Larry Wilder, city attorney in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

This photograph does not depict a martyred Mr. Wilder after a run-in with sinister forces he crossed while cleaning up Jeffersonville. Instead, Mr. Wilder was waylaid by the notorious C2H5OH Gang.

Those who believed Pittsburgh might have the worst city attorney in the United States stand corrected (while Mr. Wilder reclines).


Lady Elaine said...

Dear Infinonymous:

You have no e-mail address for a fan like me to contact you.

Why do you have Corbett and Meehan with the same odds?

And why do you have Wagner and Onorato with the same odds?



Infinonymous said...

I receive more e-mails than comments, so I must have figured the address was available. Consequent to your tip, I have given the address a prominent place.

Substantive questions addressed in a posting rather than a comment.

Stay curious. That is highly attractive.