Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Inscrutable Council Vote On Amended Revised Amended And Revised Act 47 "Plan" : 5-3-1

Bob Mayo's tweetings include this summary of a council vote expressing some sort of approval or something concerning the amended (by council) revised (by the overseers) Act 47 "plan" to kick Pittsburgh's battered can down the road a piece address the City of Pittsburgh's insolvency.

For: Burgess, Harris, Kraus, Smith, Peduto. Against: Dowd, Motznik, Payne. Abstain: Shields.

Burgess for, Motznik against. Smith for, Peduto for. Peduto for, Dowd against. Motznik against, Dowd against. Payne against, Kraus for. Shields neither.

Watching people (including members of council) try to untangle the perplexing strands of this vote should be fascinating, regardless of whether anyone tries to figure out what the hell they were voting on or how it might be expected to influence the city's course.

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