Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pirates Intend To Set That Record In Style

The Penguins started their season in October, eight months ago. The Pirates started their season in April, two months ago.

The Penguins are still playing intensely meaningful games. The Pirates' season is over.

Even at 1-3 odds, that (McLouth gone before Pirates have winning season) was easy money on the Propositions Board.

I would observe that the Nuttings and McClatchy are parasitic scum, but that would unfairly disparage congealed algae.

Silver lining: The City of Pittsburgh probably offload some of its pension liability by marketing to the Pirates' list of season ticketholders. Anyone still buying tickets in bulk to see the worst professional franchise in American sports history is gullible enough to prevent being counted out for anything the human mind could imagine.
The Post-Gazette photograph is exceptionally good. I hope the photographer's talents are soon directed toward something more important than the Pirates.

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