Saturday, June 13, 2009

On The Menu For This Summer's Political Grilling Season: Grinding Chuck (McCullough)

One of 2 Political Junkies expresses consternation regarding Chuck McCullough's continuing service as a member of Allegheny County Council (with special eye-rolling directed toward Mr. McCullough's position as a member of the Government Reform committee).

David identifies in detail each of the 24 charges headed toward trial.

24 counts. That's a lot.

But fewer than were advanced against Dr. Cyril Wecht in another politically tinted recent local prosecution. (Same overwhelming whiff of "kitchen sink" prosecutorial overdrive, though.)

One of the few practical consequences of the Wecht prosecution (other than impoverishing Dr. Wecht and taxpayers for no reason) was to remove from office one of the few indisputably competent elected officials in Allegheny County.

Why repeat that course with respect to Mr. McCullough, one of the best county council members by a substantial margin?

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