Monday, June 1, 2009

MVP (So Far) In Penguins-Red Wings series

The most valuable player (after two games) in the Stanley Cup finals has been the indispensable goaltender of the Detroit Red Wings:

Henrik Zetterberg

He saved Detroit in the first game by terminating a furious rush at the Detroit goal, overtly smothering (with his gloved hand) a puck that was resting on the back of Chris Osgood, inches from the goal line. The rules called for a penalty shot; the on-ice officials did not.

In the second game, during another chaotic scrum at the Detroit goal, the Penguins pushed a puck behind Osgood, toward the goal line. Whether the puck crossed the line was obscured by Zetterberg, laying across the goal line and atop the puck.

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