Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Kind Of Guy

What would it take to get this guy to come to Pittsburgh?

I'd meet him at the airport with a satchel containing $50,000 in cash, keys to a car and an apartment, a mobile telephone, my telephone number and photographs of Luke Ravenstahl, Jeff Romoff, John Perzel and Dick Cheney.


Agent Ska said...

Infinonymous, I must say that I am honored that you have listed me. I have had 88 hits that came from your blog recently. Thank you!

Who are you? Do we get any clues? :-)

I like clues.

-Agent Ska-

Infinonymous said...

'tis I who derives honor from any association, Ska.

I have no idea how many eyes reach this space, let alone how many travel from mine to yours. I get relatively few comments, yet I know my information and opinions reach -- and are generally reviled by -- many of those about whom I write. Therefore, I have not a clue regarding readership/traffic/hits/etc.

Speaking of clues: LS1298.

Infinonymous said...

Hey, Ska.

Send me an e-mail (infinonymousATgmail).

Or, simply know I am grateful.