Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The GOP's "Family Values" Tour Continues

Today's stop is in South Carolina, where Gov. Mark Sanford issued a minor correction to his staff's reports (which had been issued in response to inquiries from reporters who noticed that the governor had abandoned the state) that he had been hiking the Appalachian trail to clear his head: 'Insert "banging my mistress" for "hiking in solitude," and "in my Argentinian love nest" for "along the Appalachian trail," and I think that about covers it.' (That he abandoned his family for the homewrecker on Father's Day was a particularly deft touch for this Bible-thumping chump.)

I haven't heard a correction like that since Lionel Hutz explained his relationship with Judge Snyder (it's number seven on this the countdown -- numbers seven and one are the only good ones, but they're worth it):

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