Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Were Registered Democrats Permitted To Vote For The Non-Democratic At-Large Council Position?

Why were registered Democrats permitted to vote today for candidates for the unexpired Republican (or, for the fastidious, non-Democratic) at-large Allegheny County Council position?

If the opportunity a number of Democrats have reported -- to vote for Heather Heidelbaugh, the Republican nominee, or to cast instead a vote for another candidate -- was a proper, intended circumstance of ballot preparation, the prospect for mischief is plain. Having already selected Jumpin' John DeFazio, a Democrat, for one at-large position, Democratic electors could have arranged today for someone other than a Republican (a Libertarian, perhaps, or a Republican more attractive to Democrats, or a non-partisan) to complete the term Ed Kress relinquishes after being selected by county council Republicans to replace Chuck McCullough as the non-Democratic at-large member.

Devious Democrats seemingly could have even arranged for a Democrat to switch registrations (to Republican, or non-partisan, or Green, or something else other than Democratic), then challenge the Republican nominee for the second at-large position.

Anyone who believes such low-grade political cheating involving disingenuous party registrations would be beneath public officials (and partisans) must be unfamiliar with the sordid recent history of the United States Commission On Civil Rights.

[Note regarding second Infytune: If Todd Gaziano and Gail Theriot can masquerade as non-Republicans, why can't Henry Famborough pull off XX-chromosomed vocal chords?]

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Anonymous said...

Can't see a boo boo this big actually on the ballot, but, on the other hand, Infy gets major benefit of the doubt, so, hope someone checks this out.

Could they even fix this at this point??

Anonymous said...

No surprises that I can see in the election results. The races weren't even close. A bigger yawner than usual.

James said...

I wondered why I was allowed for the Republican At Large position. I left it blank.

Anonymous said...

I just wrote in "Ed Kress." I couldn't bring myself to vote for HH.

JenEngland said...

Ha, I wrote in Ed Kress as well. Though I was confused by the opportunity to do so.

Anybody But Obama Or Romney said...

I have no idea what the point of this is. But, if there is a problem, why wait until AFTER the polls closed to point out this supposed problem?

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Well, the stupid voters of Allegheny County really elected some 'winners' this time.. Fitzgerald, DeFazio..

Mark my words, Fitzgerald will be a disaster. He has already stated he wants to expand Port Authority to be Regional. More UNION jobs and more GOVERNMENT that will be a money-suck. The present model doesn't work? We'll expand it!

Say what you want about Onorato. I could tolerate him. He was a professional.. CPA, attorney. Didn't agree with the drink tax, thought Port Authority should be dealt with more strongly.

Fitzgerald? A political hack.


D'Oh said...

Stupid Flanders ... er, I mean, VOTERS.

MH said...

Mark my words

There's no need. They're completely predictable.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

@MH.. So, you're agreeing with me.

Here's what I see happening..
1. The County will get a major b*tch-slap by 12/31/2012 with regards to the assessment issue. We (taxpayers) *will* pay.
2. Port Authority (Unions) has an orgasim in 2012 as Fitzgerald pushes his Regional transit agency.
3. County taxes will go up in 2012.. 2013 at the latest. Reason? Pandering to County Unions.. massive re-hiring in the County.. and the Regional transit authority.

I only hope I'm outa here to SC before the sh*t hits the fan, even if taxes are same or higher. I've always said.. "If I have to pay more in taxes, then let me have better weather." Oh,and I won't have to put up with sPitt fans or delusional Steeler fans who still live in the 70's (both).

MH said...

I used to live in the sane Carolina and was not fond of the heat.

Anonymous said...

Yea cm right after you burn your couch, put legos between your teeth and bed your sister again off to sc with you. Don't let the door hit you in the ass.

Anonymous said...

HH was running for 2 races on the general election ballot: (a) the general full 4 term (along with DeFazio) and (b) the special to fill out McCullough's term (up in January 2012). Only HH ran for the special, which is a 2 month term, so a Dem could've/should've run for the special, but that would have taken planning and intellect at the DCAC leadership (which hasn't manifested itself in the past, so why should it now) and someone willing to step up to run for a 2 month term. Remember it is not a "Republican" seat (that would be illegal), but the top 2 vote getters win, which makes it a de facto GOP seat based on voter registration.