Friday, November 25, 2011

Save Your Money And The Date: Bruce Springsteen Could Be Back In Pittsburgh!

Forget big-screen televisions, Ipads, and the other Black Friday junk! Save your pennies and hold your holiday gift-giving plans open, because Bruce Springsteen will bring his rock-and-roll revival hour (three hours, some nights) and the E Street Band to America in a few months, and tickets will be available soon.

At least a half-dozen of the tentative dates involve shows within road-trip proximity to Pittsburgh and -- despite InsolvenCity's decline to third-tier status for concerts that don't involve country and doo-woop -- Bruce and the E Streeters are scheduled to play for Pittsburgh in March.

Tentative dates near Pittsburgh:
Philadelphia / Wed. and Thurs., March 28, 29

Pittsburgh / Saturday, March 31

Nassau / Sunday, April 1

D.C. / Monday or Tuesday, April 2 or 3

Detroit / Thursday, April 12

Buffalo/ Friday, April 13

Cleveland / Tuesday, April 17

The tour also will visit New Jersey, probably in late April or early May. Clearances and other logistics are in progress; dates could change.

Infytune: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Bruce Springsteen with Joe Grushecky (Flood Aid, Pittsburgh, 2004)
Infytune: Incident On 57th Street, Bruce Springsteen (Soldiers and Sailors Hall, 2011)
Infytune: The Wish, Bruce Springsteen
Infytune: We're Having A Party, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes with Bruce Springsteen (The Agora, 1979)


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that our mayor would get more things done if people like find you something else to do better than take shots at him.

HOw many Kennedy Awards do you have by the way?

James said...

I think my mayor would get more things done if he showed up for work more often.

James said...

Also: Anon, you replied to the wrong post. For future reference, the "comments" button is at the bottom of the post. Do try to pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Very cool for Pittsburgh, hope Joe & The House rockers show up. Soldiers& Sailors rocked in the beginning of November. Except for the idiot VIPs on their phones.

Anonymous said...

Nothing at Springsteen's official website - they confirm a tour and have some Europe dates but nothing in the US. Nothing at Ticketmaster, so what is your source for these so called dates?