Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penn State's Child Rape Problem Progresses

The pro-Joe holdouts among Pennsylvania State University trustees and influential alumni are reportedly being wrestled to submission by donors, public officials, and others. President Graham Spanier possesses even less support, and seemingly no chance to survive in office as he awaits criminal charges, but some trustees apparently fear a short-term leadership vacuum could aggravate a situation already marked by institutional paralysis and staggering liability exposure. Disgraced coach Joe Paterno (smiling with chanting supporters gathered outside his home, right) is said to be nearly delusional with respect to the scandal and his position.

(Until evidence overcomes the probability that Tom Corbett's political ambitions influenced the timing of state prosecutors' handling of this matter, Penn Staters would be smart to exclude Pennsylvania's governor from anything beyond an ex-officio trustee's position during these deliberations.)

Those attempting to salvage the football program (and hold some recruits) appear to be pushing defensive line coach and recruiter Larry Johnson, at least informally, to accept a promotion. Given the toxicity to be associated with Penn State and its athletics program throughout the foreseeable future -- the situation seems likely to worsen as revelations emerge -- the prospect of persuading an accomplished head coach to move to University Park seems remote.

Infytune: Ball Of Confusion, The Temptations


JenEngland said...

News reports varied but as many as thousands of PSU students and supporters took to the streets last night to support Joe Pa and the university. On a day when millions of Americans exercised their right to vote, won victories over misogyny, FOR working families, immigrants, and literacy, the future leaders of PA took to the streets to support, at best, turning a blind eye to child rape. That's awesome. Their parents must be very proud. I see Paterno has announced his retirement and that he wishes he'd done more. Though as his attorney I'd advise him not to say more, the whole administration from Paterno on up needs to do some sort of public mea culpa. I'd also suggest that it wouldn't hurt to "do a tebow" pray for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

For any assaults that occurred over the last three years, blame and liability should rest squarely on the shoulders of our indecisive, politically motivated Governor who clearly delayed the conclusion of this investigation so as not to face the wrath of angry Blue and White supporters.

Anonymous said...

I blame myself for not circulating Mark Madden's April 4 Beaver County Times column about the grand jury investigation, and for not demanding that law enforcement officials heed his observations.