Friday, November 25, 2011

JFK New Frontier Award Signals Happy Days For Mayor Ravenstahl And The Kennedys

After ascending from somewhat modest (and sketchy) beginnings, reaching rarely matched levels of power and honor, tracing a memorable arc through American public culture, and experiencing the inexorable and inevitable erosion of dynasty from generational decline and historians' analysis of previously concealed information, the Kennedys finally jumped the shark on Monday.

The Post-Gazette has the local angle.

Infytune: Sweet Caroline, Neil Diamond
Infytune: Abraham, Martin and John, Dion
Infytune: Sympathy For the Devil, The Rolling Stones
Infytune: Happy Days Theme, Pratt & McClain


Anonymous said...

You're so correct, the Kennedy's have jumped the shark. Remember when she thought that the NY Senate seat was hers for the taking? One hard question from the press sent her scurrying. I think she's a dullard like Lukey really. Someone didn't do they're homework short of knowing Lukey has a "D" after his name. Is Caroline crazy?
But, the PG called it like I've never seen before. Right on point and stating what everyone in this city thinks. Thank God, although, didn't they endorse that knucklehead?
Again, I love the PG for stating the facts! Watch out though, Doven will come out with some major bitch smack down.

Anonymous said...

Very well done Infy. VERY well done.

Anonymous said...

Genuine public service generally leaves the practitioner in a sea of obscurity, only to be honored (if at all) long after history points out the critical role played by those who toiled in relative obscurity.

Those who do find front page fame are usually self-promoting, near do wells who end up at Harvard getting an award from C. Kennedy I wonder who submitted the nomination? Can you find out?

That might tell us a lot more as to how a genuine phony angled his way to the stage at the Kennedy School.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

OMG, I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Ravenstahl and leadership.. 2 words that don't go together unless 'lack of' is included.

Anonymous said...

What is perhaps most galling about the award is the way that Ravenstahl is credited for things for which he isn't solely, or even primarily, responsible for--the budget surpluses and Pittsburgh Promise, to name two. The backgrounder posted on the award website was almost certainly created by Ravenstahl's team, so I lay the shameless self-aggrandizement at their feet. Another striking thing is how most of the previous awardees gained their notoriety through solid education and hard work, whereas Luke became mayor through dumb luck and political connections.

Bram Reichbaum said...

I sense something; a presence I have not felt since... [stalks away]