Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time To Shun And Expose Penn State, Which Is Still Looking Out For Itself (And Football)

It seems reasonable to conclude that unless and until Penn State cancels a football game, the university's reactions to the revelations of institutional facilitation and concealment of sexual abuse of children constitute a self-serving (but perhaps more polished) continuation of the cover-up that consigned children to molestation.

Is no one connected with Penn State, State College, or Centre County capable of self-awareness, or of recognizing the need for an independent review of every element of this entire moral meltdown?

The district judge who slashed prosecutors' bail request, gave Jerry Sandusky a no-money-down bond, and sent an accused serial child rapist home to a residence that abuts an elementary school? Leslie Dutchcot (right) (1) was the beneficiary of a fundraiser conducted by a Second Mile foundation executive, (2) was a volunteer for Sandusky's child access program, (3) did not disclose her relationships with Sandusky's child molestation operation, and (4) might have an opportunity to explain all of this to the State Supreme Court soon.

The university trustee selected by Penn State's board to lead the investigation of how the school reached its current level of depravity? Kenneth Frazier is the attorney who masterminded Merck's multi-billion-dollar, scorched-earth effort to avoid responsibility for harm caused by Vioxx.

The lawyer defending Sandusky (although not necessarily effectively) with respect to sex-with-minors charges, and declaring he would leave his child alone with Sandusky? Joseph Amendola reportedly prepared for this assignment by impregnating a 17-year-old client -- at age 49. (That woman recently posted on Facebook, "OMG did Joe just say he would leave my kid alone with Jerry Sandusky?")

No reasonable observer would take the university's investigation seriously. For several reasons, the prosecutors who seem to have placed gubernatorial ambitions above warning central Pennsylvania's parents are poor candidates to provide a comprehensive, independent review.

That leaves lawyers for the victims as the best prospect for a credible illumination of the circumstances that protected Penn State and its football team at the expense of many molested children.

Until fundamental changes at Penn State are confirmed, every Penn State football player should leave the team; every Penn State student should transfer (excepting those who proximity to graduation would make transfer impractical); every high school senior should choose a school other than Penn State; every parent should refuse to approve a child's enrollment at Penn State; every sponsor should abandon Penn State football; no bowl should invite the Nittany Lions; and every Penn State graduate should implore the school to develop self-awareness and a moral compass.

Until Penn State cancels a football game, every time Penn Staters yell "We are Penn State," the rest of the world should hear "We are Penn State football!"

Infytune: Judgment Day, Method Man

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JenEngland said...

Oh my. Just when you think it cannot get any worse. The litany of failures you've laid out is staggering. I've heard calls to end or suspend the football program, which I thought were extreme, but after reading this it seems like extreme would offer only a partial counter balance. Maybe they should. I know I certainly wont be considering Penn State for my offspring unless there is a major sea change.

(Also, nice music choice. A bit of a change of pace.)