Friday, November 18, 2011

Penn State's Eerily Perfect Self-Protective Pitch Continues To Sound Wrong Notes

Penn State's insularity, self-centeredness, and lack of self-awareness has begun to approach absurdity.

Which of these would be the least apt legal counsel the school's trustees could engage to assist with the Official Penn State Investigation of how the entire Penn State community -- from janitor to emperor, from police to board of trustees -- failed to protect children from rape:
a) a Penn State graduate whose legal practice focuses on investigation of wrongdoing "syndicated and commercial lending/bilateral finance" and "corporate and securities mergers and acquisitions"

b) a Penn State insider with a history of advising Penn State and its trustees

c) the law firm that helped Frick, Carnegie, and other powerful interests dodge all accountability to the victims of the Johnstown Flood (and is still boasting about it, even from the grave), or

d) all of the above?

Infytune: Still The Same, Bob Seger

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Anonymous said...

What's with the Penn State Hate?