Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Delusion Of Adequacy From The Palins

Nineteen-year-old Teen Abstinence Ambassador Bristol Palin was unable to complete high school, or to operate a condom successfully, but she believes she is ready to launch her professional lobbying and consulting career.

Wild guess: The other girl (the one holding the nearly-polished half-gallon of Captain Morgan rum) is the new company's chief financial officer?

Ms. Palin, who also was unable to seal the deal with her child's father and objects to a request for joint custody, faulted her baby daddy in a court filing for acting "for his own self-promotion."

Before laughing too hard, consider that in Pittsburgh, Bristol Palin would probably already be mayor.


Anonymous said...

At least I can't get sued for suggesting that infidelity ruined Bristol Palin's marriage.

little_minx said...

Guess Bristol figures she can sell access to her mother this way.