Monday, January 16, 2012

Reassessment Reminiscences: An Album Of Dan And The County's Greatest Hits Misses

As sentient citizens begin to sense that Dan Onorato (right, comparing political dreams with Hillary Clinton) sabotaged the most recent reassessment project (at a cost of millions of taxpayers dollars) for selfish political gain, and Judge Wettick regrettably rewards the immoral recalcitrance of fat-cat-feeding conservatives masquerading as Democrats, this seems an appropriate point at which to review (bold type signals the better bits):

Allegheny County's Inaccurate Assessments Violate Constitution, Court Rules

Dan Onorato Foreshadowing County Secession?

Has Judge Wettick Reached His Limit Yet?

Where's The Burning Sense Of Justice?

Synonym For Donkey Found In Assessment

Finding Asses In Assessments

County: Dog Ate Our Copy Of Constitution

Time To Reassess (The County's Legal Position)?

Wettick Gives County One-Month Reprieve

Onorato To Allegheny County Homeowners: If You Want Any Help From Me, Move

Unsolicited Advice Series: Dan Onorato

The Dan Onorato Record On Property Taxes, In Photographs, Video -- And An Elegant Tea House

Beware The Campaign Criticism Boomerang

Fitzgerald Launches Candidacy By Asking Governor To Declare Martial Law On Assessments

The Reassessment Watchdog That Hasn't Barked

Infindorsement: Allegheny County Executive

Apt Assessment: Post-Gazette Pinpoints Perfect Platform For Onorato's Next Political Campaign

A trip to the Null Space archives is always worthwhile for those who like information and insight. Or for city editors wondering how a newspaper would cover this situation.

UPDATE: After reports such as this one, if anything happens to Chris Briem, Rich Fitzgerald and the rest of the gang that couldn't assess fairly will need a strong alibi.

Infytune: Redemption Song, Bob Marley and the Wailers


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out the top picks. The powers that be have unfortunately given you too much material.

Anonymous said...

Love the bald dude in the photo with the shades. Clinton security? Highmark recruiter? Drink tax collector? Ravenstahl stand-in?