Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Request For Information: Current Standards Of Conduct For Pittsburgh Police Bureau

We would welcome an e-mail (infinonymousatgmail) from anyone who knows whether these two standards of conduct (or similar standards) currently govern Pittsburgh Bureau of Police officers:

3.55 Prohibited Associations
3.55.1 No member shall knowingly commence or maintain a relationship with any person who is under criminal investigation, indictment, arrest or incarceration by this or another police of criminal justice agency, and/or who has an open and notorious criminal reputation in the community except as necessary to the performance of official duties, or where unavoidable because of familial relationships.

3.54 Entering, Visiting, Loitering In Establishment/Locations Which Adversely Affect The Bureau Of Police
3.54.1 No member shall enter, visit, loiter, work an off-duty detail or be found in any establishment or location wherein the activities are not in accordance with law or where the reputation of such establishment may destroy public confidence, and so adversely affect the morale and efficiency of the Bureau of Police or cause such controversy as to affect the neutrality of law enforcement.

Infytune: Every Breath You Take, Sting with Bruce Springsteen
Infytune: Watching The Detectives, Elvis Costello with The Police
Infytune: King Of Pain, The Police


Anonymous said...

You really think you are anonymous?

Tuned in said...

Song selections are great! Go Infy!

Infinonymous said...

We understood we were no longer anonymous the day this blog started.

That's because we know the meaning of "pseudonymous."

Serving and Protecting said...

Would rather stay away from email even on personal equipment. Looks like somebody might have gave you older language quoted on specified regulations but, basically you are in the right ballpark on this, just get the new binder. Who do you have in mind, detail operators maybe on Carson St? Station Square? North Shore? Or is it FOP big shots? Just guessing of course but, those would be pretty good guesses. If you have access to jackets you could find some interesting things in some of them dating back a ways. Lately though I think you won't find much in way of write ups especially the "favored few" who aren't really so few these days.

Infinonymous said...

S&P: Have you considered establishment of a new gmail account?

Anonymous said...

Is this in regard to the Pittsburgh Police who work as the Mayor's body guards?

Infinonymous said...

No, but that was worth a smile, similar to our proposal that InsolvenCity's first crime-fighting cameras should be installed in the mayor's office and on the dashboard of his city-issued vehicle.