Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Refreshingly Responsible Life Of Luke

Although his administration's reaction to the Washington Boulevard flood faltered out of the blocks, Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has recovered nicely, responding responsibly in comments and conduct.

Correcting an early exhibition of deflection and delusion, the mayor acknowledged that the relevant government officials' dissemblings were inadequate and declared what should have been obvious from the start: "Something has to change on Washington Boulevard."

While others adopted a helpless stance, the mayor proposed policy suited to the circumstances: "If we have to close down a road, perhaps prematurely, perhaps unnecessarily, we will do that." That is nothing of which InsolvenCity should be proud, but it is the sole prudent course unless and until a reliable engineering solution is implemented.

The mayor properly described a point some subordinates had proposed as a defense -- that they perceived no flaw in operation of the stormwater management system -- as evidence not of vindication but of inadequacy: “If in fact their conclusion is accurate, then we clearly have bigger issues on our hands than we may have anticipated.”

Returning to his city after another awkward invocation of what must be the most uncannily effective subconscious early-warning system in human history, the mayor added an appropriate grace note by attending the funeral of a woman his city had failed.

Rejecting the dodging and defensiveness of others, Mr. Ravenstahl acknowledged, deftly, that the municipal breakdown raised issues of accountability for many public officials, including the mayor: "Certainly we'll take a look at it and whoever bears responsibility, and we all do in some way, for the events will certainly take it."

Mayor Ravensthal's performance since the catastrophe occurred has been nearly as good as the precipitating failures were bad.

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Anonymous said...

I gotta admit this ain't so bad. Expected a lot worse than 80 degrees and sunny when hell froze over.

Sah' Side N 'At said...

Glad you checked. I been sittin here afraid to look outside.

Anonymous said...

Looks like when Luke's #'s hit 19%, he put this blogger on the payroll.

Anonymous said...

Twicky wabbit, that Infy.

Nineteener said...

Hey, if Luke could stop the rain, he would. And if he could turn himself into a 50, or even 40-year-old, he would too. As it is, no matter what he does, he still seems like a callow kid. Bob O'Connor or Tom Murphy showing up at your funeral (when they were mayor, of course) would probably feel a lot different--more somber and serious--than Luke dropping by. The "give the kid a chance" days are long gone.

JenEngland said...

Based on previous interactions and his response to many projects I've worked hard on, I dislike the Mayor. Kind of a lot. (whatever it is) isn't about who you like and don't like, or at least it shouldn't be. The Mayor seems to be genuinely doing the right thing here. Which though it shouldn't be such a momentous occasion, still warrants kudos, no matter what he has done in the past.

If we actually love this city, not just the game of politics, then we need the Mayor to do a good job until some other person is elected to take the spot. So put on your ice skates Satan because I'm with Infy, I'll applaud the Mayor or any elected official who does what is good and right for the people.

((Though this alone isn't enough for me to support him against another--almost ANY other--candidate in the next election. He'd have to do a massive turnaround for that to happen!))

Ice Skating In Hell said...

this clinches it for me---Infy for Mayor!!!!