Monday, August 8, 2011

Pitt's High-Octane Talk: 40 Points Per Game

Pitt's footballers are talking big, particularly with respect to an offense that is discussing the prospect of 40-point-per-game productivity. That pace would constitute a substantial improvement over the 2010 offense's record -- indeed, such accomplishment would be remarkable, for at least two reasons:
1. Jonathan Baldwin, Henry Hynoski, and Dion Lewis are gone.

2. Tino Sunseri is not.
If the no-huddle, go-for-broke offense were such a sure-fire winner, for a program with the type of personnel recruited by Florida Texas Alabama Buffalo, Youngstown State, and Toledo, why -- in a world in which a proven promising college football coach commands an annual salary of $2 million -- are not more teams adopting it?

Pitt's answer to that puzzler will begin to emerge in four weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Sunseri sucks at QB but he is sitll just a college kid and bullying a kid like this is bush league. Graham on the other hand is out of his mind or just plain lying for saying Sunseri can handle this, if you watched a Pitt game last year you know what is coming this year.