Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Exposing InsolvenCity's Cop Succors

Bothered by a longstanding impression that a badge provides practical immunity from accountability for misconduct in Greater InsolvenCity?

Troubled by a persistent inability to rid the mind of a disturbing image featuring District
Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. as Javert a habitual cop succor?

Ever wonder why representatives of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police (up to and including the level of commander) and Fraternal Order of Police (up to an including the union's executive leadership) can run interference for crime-ridden nuisance bars in several InsolvenCity neighborhoods so brazenly?

Clarification of these points is available in the Post-Gazette
at the Tribune-Review website
from one of our FCC-licensed newsrooms
from that new hotshot journalism enterprise in town
at 3MurkyRivers.

Equally rare insight (concerning the Commonwealth's most important maitre d') is being served over at Rick's Place.

Infytune: Highway Patrolman, Johnny Cash (sound improves)
Infytune: Highway Patrolman, Johnny Cash (audio version)
Infytune: Fight To The End, Immortal Technique and Sabac Red


On The Job And Proud Of It said...

#1 If you have specifics about Police Officers and the District Attorney let's have it. Otherwise this is a just a waste of space by anonymous coward who besmirches good names.
#2 If you think you have names, name them. Pretty good idea who you are talking about, both are honorable public servants who do not deserve pot shots from anonymous coward. This is still a free country,*** people can be with who they want to, even Police Officers.
#3 You bitch about the justice system because it gives a result, you do not like. I seem to remember the exact same thing from you about Fire Fighters and about the Officers working with the Steelers QB. We do not need a dictator, thank you, even a liberal do gooder.

*** if Obama re elected all bets are off

Anonymous said...

Best Headline Ever