Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dan Deasy May Look Like A Dancing Bear, But He Actually Is Goldilocks In This Production

WPXI (as noticed at Null Space) has produced the "Baby Bear Porridge" version (not too long, not too short) of one story from the still-unraveling Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority insurance program warranty program scam concerning water line maintenance.

We hope the "Papa Bear Chair" version -- a lengthy, detailed, thread-gathering piece of enterprise reporting -- emerges. Until then, here is the "Baby Bear Chair" (condensed) version:

A bunch of scammers were interrupted mid-scheme, leaving an unexpectedly disheveled situation and preventing some people from getting out when the getting was good -- which explains why Dan Deasy (far right) looks so foolish trying, as a bit player suddenly thrust center-stage, to answer questions he never expected to confront.

Infytune: Some Like It Hot, Robert Palmer


West End said...

While the plan's creation may have been shady, and possibly criminal, I have to say that it did me a load of good when my sewer backed up. Also, as it happened right before the program was found illegal, ULS tried to deny my claim. Both Deasy and Dowd went out of their way over the course of two weeks to make sure it got finished.

Infinonymous said...

An above-board, competitively bid program might be worthwhile. Glad to hear you were not among the victims of the PWSA-style fleecing.

Anonymous said...

Dan Deasy, boy, he was a "big thinker" on city coucil. The Peter Principle at its best. That goofball mayor can sure pick 'em.